The root system module contains many functions described in detail in other sections, such as:

It also contains other various functionality that doesn’t fit elsewhere.


This contains functions for filling arrays with data (Fill) and copying data in arrays in forward (Copy) or reverse order (CopyReverse).

All copy and fill functions are provided in a few different variants: Generic variant for filling/copying arrays by element. Byte variants for filling/copying byte arrays with overloads for different alignments.

Sort functions are also included for sorting arrays, using either the < operator of the element type or a user defined comparison function.

Note that all of these functions are parallel so you can move, copy or sort multiple areas of memory simultaneously if desired. Furthermore most of these functions are also parallel internally so if you operate on a sufficiently large amount of data parallelism will be realised automatically.


Various sorting functions.

The standard sort is implemented using a heap sort.

Parallel radix sort functions are also provided.